Social Media Strategy

Do the words social media and digital marketing make you want to stuff your head in a paper bag?  Don’t worry I was there once too!

But just as ignoring business fundamentals can land you in hot water, ignoring social media and failing to get with 21st-century methods of communication can land your business in hot water.


Before plunging headfirst into the mechanics of how social media and digital marketing work, the first question I always ask my clients is ‘do you need it’?

Is your ideal target audience actually online? If so, where are they lurking? How do they want to be spoken to? Why would they be interested in hearing what you have to say? Who else is speaking to them already?


Whether you are a small community-based business or have ambitions of conquering the world online – you need not just be “present” online, you need to use it right.  Social Media is not a set and forget marketing tool; it’s how your customers find you, it’s your brand and image, and no one element can be used in a standalone way.

I can help you with;

  • Demystify the social media jargon
  • Assessing which, if any, social platforms you should be using to market and grow your business
  • How to set these platforms up and use them effectively
  • Creating a content marketing plan to boost website traffic
  • Improving your Google search ranking


I won’t deny, learning how to use social media, and using it effectively to grow your business takes time.  You will need to balance your need for online presence with a return on your investment.

After consultation on your business growth plans and marketing needs, I can match you to one of my social media management team to help you execute your plans.  These services can include;

  • Managing individual social media accounts
  • Identifying your online audience and attracting them to become fans, followers and potential customers
  • Curating relevant niche and industry content to share with your audience
  • Content marketing plan
  • Interacting with your followers / customers
  • Reviewing analytics to see if your strategy is working for you
  • Identify influencers who can help promote your brand

Do remember, digital and social media strategy forms but one consideration of your marketing plan, albeit in the current time, probably your most important. Gone are the days where simply adding your name to a local directory will do the job.  Traditional marketing methods such as print advertising, flyers and broadcast advertising should still form part of your overall consideration when investing in a digital marketing plan.