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Keri Hedrick – My Story

My passions are in writing, creating, organising & teaching.

Keri Hedrick - Owner Keri ConsultingHowever, I spent the first ten years of my career dealing with failure. Not mine, other people’s. I was an insolvency accountant dealing with everything from personal bankruptcy through to multiple billion-pound company closures and restructures.  It was exciting, it had great job satisfaction as you knew despite the sadness and distress at times, you were there to help, fixing things that were broken.

Unfortunately, the hours for this sort of work were not family friendly. After a while constantly analysing and taking things apart rather than creating something can be slightly soul destroying.  I wanted to create, I wanted to train people, teach, help businesses before it was too late.

Most importantly, as a mum of three, I knew there had to be a better work/career balance to be had with family.    So in June 2016, Keri Consulting was born.

Personal Background & Training

Born to British expats in New Zealand, I was raised and educated in Australia, later moving to London for 8 years, and now reside in Abu Dhabi, UAE with my family.  I think I was destined to always have itchy feet!

I completed my Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne University in 1999 and trained as Chartered Accountant in Melbourne, Australia working for global accountancy firm Grant Thornton.  In 2004 I moved to London and worked for “Big 4” accounting firms Deloitte and Ernst & Young – you can see my full professional background and endorsements on Linked In.

In 2012 my sea change from corporate life came – more by default than design!  My husband took a job in the Middle East and with two young children at the time, we moved along with him. At this time I started a blog on our world travel & expat experiences – Our Globetrotters.

I have since turned my hand not only to writing but re-skilling on social media and marketing techniques that simply didn’t exist when I was at university in the ‘90s (we got excited about having an email address and computer lab at university, what’s Facebook?) I won’t lie, I felt like a dinosaur at the start when it came to the online world – I wished there were easy explanations on what everything meant, what I was supposed to use and when.

What can I provide you?

Blogging and working as a social influencer since moving to Abu Dhabi have been a great medium for learning the skills necessary to survive in business today. I have made many vital connections to other professionals who I can collaborate with to help small businesses like yours operate in the current online world.

And importantly I have learnt many lessons about running my own business and the importance of having both a business plan AND a digital marketing strategy. Some things we do with our head and for money, some things we need to pursue with our heart.

The fun stuff

A passionate travel writer,, turned Editor I manage several online publications including Family Travel in the Middle East, Dubai Travel Planner and Little City Trips, in addition to my personal blog ourglobetrotters.com.

As a family, we take every opportunity to travel, in the UAE and around the world.

Keri Hedrick with her family in Jordan indulging their passion for travel | keri-consulting.com

I also work in the Abu Dhabi expat community and raising funds for charity via my role as Treasurer for Aussies Abroad and of course, that full-time job called mum!

If there’s any time at all left after that, you will see my cheering along my beloved West Coast Eagles (Aussie Rules Football), working on photography skills or appreciating a bottle of fine wine.

Keeping in touch

Now what would a social media expert be without social accounts to follow?!  Make sure you are following the Keri Consulting Facebook page as well as my Twitter where you’ll be kept up to date with really useful articles and advice from across the small business and online community.

I’m also on Instagram. A lot. An indecent amount of time really. For all the cool inspirational business stuff – follow me here.  Or if you want to see our cute kids hanging out around the world this is where the real fun is at!

Any further questions or inquiries?  Head over to my contact page I’d love to hear from you.